Isn’t it all a gift?

Shadows and light. And lessons learned in both. 
Water like glass on the river
Puppy bellies and all the hair
Dark, wavy locks of hair, hands running through
Golden eyes staring at me
Hot water
Progress, in something that was once overwhelming
Snow on a black nose

wrinkles, 92 years of them
seeing death
being part of someone’s last moments Here.  
Pure love rolling down a wrinkled cheek. 

Coffee.  Yes – coffee. And again. 
The smell of an orange when you split its thick skin.  
Hot water. And the way it can wash away all the negativity. 
Conversations with God in the shower 
For the sorrow-filled cup I too get to drink from, so I too, can be closer to Him. 
To grace and love and miracles 🙂  

By: Katy

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