In the presence of radiant grace

#11  loose leaf tea…pumpkin spice, lime green tea pot, a seasonal treat, an invitation to sit, to soak, to slow; to breathe, to enjoy, to be.

#21  sunrise beauty promising a new day…hope brimming over the horizon in an unpredictable yet reliable crest of color.

#72  youngest son broke big sister’s snail shell…her response, “I don’t want to show grace to someone who broke something I loved.”  Ahh, the “eucharisto” moment- daughter, our sin broke our relationship with Christ yet, He chose to show grace to us, who had broken relationship with the God He loved.  He showed us grace who broke something He loved.  I am so glad He did- she is too- she forgave youngest brother, told him, and showed him grace.  Thank You.

Ann- wrote this song/poem in response to your book and also talk from Lisa VanRyn (a speaker I heard speak at our Women’s Retreat). Thank you so much for writing “One Thousand Gifts”, wow, God is using it to teach me so much…hope you enjoy this:

Open Hands, Open Life (by kmr/copyright 2011)

Open hands, thankful heart- ready for what You’ll impart.

I trust You’re good among flower and thorn.  I receive with joy as grace adorns.

Open life, humbled soul- broken pieces becoming whole.

I know You’re near among peak and cleft.  I offer worship with given breath.

       Seeing, now knowing.  Awakened to the morning.

       Slowly, I’m growing; leaving fear and soaring.

Counting beauty all around- bowing knees upon the ground.

I see You’re here among gift and need.  I’m submitted to Your wise lead.

        Trusting Your keeping.  You’re patient with my pleadings.

        I’m hoping and leaping; released by Your leading.

By: Katie

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