Creamy, cool chocolate pudding

A faithful, ragbag feline named Millie

Candles flickering and dancing shadows on the wall

Bright, cheery sunflower blooms

Darkness illumied by the soft glow of a lamp

Beauty that inspires dreams

Leisurely mornings lingering in reading, prayer and thought

A crisp new journal page with which to allow my pen to take flight

Enjoying the fruit of hard work seeing the house clean, organized and beautiful

The smell of hot, homemade soup wafting through the air

Quiet star-filled, twilight morning walks in the crisp fall air

Moving music that reaches in and awakens my soul and brings emotion to the fore

Hearty laughs and warm smiles

Gentle lingering hugs

The physical ability to work and do as the thought comes to me

Friends to share with, talk with, dream with.  Friends to enjoy

The eye of a lens to capture a place, a moment, an emotion

A God who sees, who hears, who knows and who loves

The reprieve of life called sleep

By: Kim

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