Hummingbird blessings

My beautiful gift from God….May 8th, 2012…I love hummingbirds, I have feeders out all summer long and have literally swarms of them at times. This year I put my feeder out in mid April because we had such a mild winter I thought maybe they would migrate back early…..May 8th rolled around and I still hadn’t seen one. That morning while sipping my coffee I told the Lord..”I would really like to see a hummingbird today.”…..I proceeded to get ready for work…I stopped to eat a bite for breakfast….right in the middle of my breakfast I looked up to see a lovely hummingbird at my feeder. I responded with “OOOHHH” and then a tearful “Thank you Jesus”…..all because He loves me so. He is so good to me and is deserving of all praise!

By: Melissa Krebbs

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