House Guests

On Saturday, six people moved into my house for a week of rest and relaxation mixed with vital work.  Romanian friends and coworkers for Christ.  They come to raise funds to support 7 churches in poor villages, a orphange, medical clinics, homeless ministries, and the hope of a home to rescue women off the streets.

These sweet people have their own struggles and yet they are always grateful for ALL they have seen the Father do.  They have faith to move mountains, faith that says “my GOD is ABLE to do …….”  They have seen the Holy Spirit move with power and souls are converted.  They are Praise Proceeds the Miracle personified.

They are doing on a local level what CI is doing globally and they are the love of Christ in action.  What will it take to bomb North America out of its complacency to take up the cross and follow Jesus?

They want nor expect any praise.  They are humble servants. 

Gifts for this week

*having a home to share

*the family bond with others from the other side of the world

*a living example of all One Thousand Gifts teaches

*Ann Voskamp, Dana Micula, Mahei Micula, Damaris, Iulia, and Michael Micula, and Mark Shoemaker of Jesus Centered Ministries, Allen and Lisa Atkins of The Amen Ministry……….all giving their lives to see lives changed!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  You have all been instrumental in the change in me!

*granddaughters finding inspiration to live for Christ by watching these wonderfully committed “repenters”

By: Yvonne

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