His gifts to me.

* Half and half-not the fat free kind, the REAL kind- in my coffee. It will never taste the same again. *My puppies basking in the grass, taking a nap in the sunshine. *My husband’s open bible on the breakfast table. *The sound of birds and insects chirping outside. *Sundays. *The written word of God, available to me everyday. *Adoption, and the youtube videos sharing “Gotcha Days” for families all over the world. *Soft t-shirts. *The desire to begin added to our family welling up inside me. *Long, deep breaths that I often forget to take and even more often take for granted. *The satisfaction that comes from being able to serve my husband by cooking him dinner. *The smell of our puppies after a much-needed bath. *Text messages from sweet friends, both near and far. *The God-given permission to live the now instead of the past or future.

By: Morgan Cheek

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