His Birthday…..On Mother’s Day

He was his Mother’s pride and joy.  Her “little man” and companion while his Dad was fighting in WWII.  He was born on Mother’s Day (or pretty close to it) and one of the last acts he performed on earth was calling his Mama to say good-bye.  He honored her.  He loved her.  I sat speechless as I watched such love reach down deep to find the strength give her the sound of his voice whispering gentle words to burrow down in gray matter for days when he seemed so far away.  No mother should lose her child, even if they are 62.  It is not the right way!  Mothers should die first, right?  Then, I remember the scene at the cross when Jesus took care of His Mama as one of his last acts this side of the grave.  How can I not be thankful for this man who was my husband, the father of our children, the example of Christian business man to many.

Every Mother’s Day, I remember her for him.  Especially this year, because now she has joined me in the ranks of widowhood. 

Gifts of love are never small.  Gift of son is priceless.  Gift of Christ example beautiful.  Thanks be to God from whom these blessing have flowed.

By: Yvonne

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