Heavy Gifts made Light by Grace

I am thankful for the disease that will ultimately take my life (For me to live is Christ; to die is gain.  Phil. 1:21) for it has given me time to fulfill God’s Will for my present life–to pray at all times.  I am thankful for a bathtub knowing that every time I bath I remember to pray for the Christian woman who sits in a Pakistani jail & has not bathed in 5 years!  What a luxury fresh water is, to bath in, to drink when others have none. I am so thankful to know that life truly begins at death & that what others mean for our harm is used by God for our good. My heart is full of the heavy things that by Grace have become paths of thanksgiving:  a broken marriage restored, forgiveness & mercy found for those that seually abused me, wayward children that are being turned back, all that God has given I seek to give back to Him, knowing that following His Will for me brings a greater joy than I can contain.  My heart overflows with gratitude for both the heavy things but also the wonderfully little things of a cat curled up in my lap or the sun shining through the cherry tree turning the leaves to burnished gold.  Can there ever be enough words to write of God’s abundant gifts?  One thousand is much too few.

By: Kathleen Kalvesmaki

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