Healing book

My mother in law gave me the book last Christmas, but, I had never read it until now. Just finished it, Aug. 4, 2012, and the journey was so healing for me, since my only child died last March and I have been struggling with even wanting to be on the Earth. I couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere but Heaven with her.

It took me awhile to get through the book. I had to read small sections and stop and think and process the emotions and truths. But, God had already been working in my heart to give me a desire to follow Him, so I pressed on to continue and am thankful that I did.

My daughter, Amber, was 23. She had cerebral palsy and I cared for her every day of her life and nights too. I admit I was so weary and didn’t always appreciate every day like I should have. But, I did treasure her, loved her, cherished her, and have every part of her memorized in my heart, every sound she made, every twinkle in her eyes. So, now, I have to learn to be thankful and I am ready to start that journey.

1. Amber’s laugh that I still hear.

2. the miracle that I can survive this pain.

By: Barbara Blackburn

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