Happy dogs…

We recently had an incident with the neighbor’s dog.  He’s an older sweet looking guy but he came over when we weren’t watching our standard poodle closely and had a bit of a fight.  You see, standard poodles are pretty big but ours has been sheltered from birth and wouldn’t hurt a fly so when this dog chomped on him, our dog just let him.  Luckily we saw what was happening in enough time to stop it before it got worse. 

We told our neighbors, who are very dear friends of ours, and although they felt really bad, they didn’t do much to keep him in his own yard afterwards.  Not much later, they said they were visiting family for a week and had chained him up with a long lead line outside and the neighbor kid was going to make sure he had food and water.

Well, we felt sorry for Bandit, even though he semi-attacked our dog so my husband and I have been checking on him and tonight was my first time to check on him.  HE WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME.  He had plenty of food and water and room to wander but I could see his pure joy from my devoted attention.  I just sat with him, scratching his back and talking to him while I gazed at new buds on the trees and listened to the happily chirping birds. 

Peace enveloped me as I soaked in the simple joy of nature and making Bandit happy. 

By: Launa

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