Happy Birthday

Every year on my birthday, a dear friend Jeri would always ask me what I wanted to do to celebrate.  I always thought she made too much of a fuss over birthdays. After all it is just one day to ask people to fuss over you.  I am always very busy and I usually want to have quiet on my birthday.  Every year, Jeri would make a point to stop by and give a gift or even just come by to wish me a happy birthday. I always minimized it and brushed it off, not wanting the extra attention.  Jeri died last March, unexpectedly.  I miss her and wish I could go back and appreciate my time with her.

Last August on my birthday, she entered my mind while I was driving home and I cried.  How I wish Jeri could call me and wish me a Happy Birthday.  As I pulled into the left hand lane, I noticed the car in front of me had a huge Happy Birthday sign on the back of the windshield.  How often do you see Happy Birthday on the back of a car?  Thanks Jeri for giving me an endless gift of appreciation for me.

By: Diane DeLoux

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