grief and gratitude

2005 my husband was killed at age 50 and this past August our middle daughter died at age 32 of a heart attack. Being grateful for what I have is hard but necessary for survival. I am grateful I had a wonderful husband and that I had my funny caring middle daughter. I am grateful for my family that I still have on earth. Especially my 2 daughters and grandchildren.The joy of my being. I am grateful that God allowed me to have the job I have. I am grateful that a young boy that was seriously injured in a wrestling match in our community has a family with so much faith that people all over the country have been inspired by him.Tanner Hunter is an amazing young boy. Prayers for Tanner on FB will bring you such inspiration.I feel guilty being joyful and happy when I have lost so many that I love and others are going through so much, but I  hope to understand it all one day.

By: nannette hill

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