Gratitude Project

As a newbie DIY crafter I’ve been trying different ideas from google and pinterest. One idea translated into a visual reminder to have an attitude of gratitude. The photo I took for my blog spurred six entries into my One Thousand Gifts Journal. I love this simple task of writting down events, people, things, and revelations that I’m thankful for. Its helped change my attitude from an “Eeyore.” 

The project can be viewed here: (very simple)

474) homemade curtains made by a friend 
475) collection of wine bottles, delicious memories of good times spent with friends
476) A darkly stained cabinet, one of my first “successful” home renovations
477) the time spent with my little girl placing sticky tac on the back of each letter, lifting her up to position it on the wall
478) kids art projects from church and the conversations they’ve inspired in their emerging faith
479) for our first-bought home and the freedom to personalize it

By: audra

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