graceful gifts…

  1. panting dog
  2. wading in mud puddles
  3. humidity
  4. heart-shaped mud puddles
  5. sound of rain on tin roof
  6. piano music
  7. small sis’s messy hair
  8. first bloom of hyacinth
  9. patches of green moss under naked brier bush
  10. cats lapping from puddles
  11. sound of thunder
  12. fat brown envelopes,full of letters from friends
  13. mountains of dirty dishes to tackle
  14. wide-open cupboard doors
  15. pails full of garbage–means we have more than enough food!
  16. wind whistling around the house
  17. more than one copy of God’s Letter
  18. smell of books
  19. sound of pages turning
  20. baby kitten’s muffled meows

…are just a few of the MILLIONS of gifts I have recieved!

By: Alison

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