Grace to Change

That was the thousanth gift I recorded. Grace to change. It is amazing what 20 or so pages of words can do to my life. I read the book last spring. I’m so very terrible at finishing projects I start that I didn’t want to start anything esle so I let the idea simmer until I was ready. Then I started, fully expecting not to make it past the 100th gift. I mean, who really wastes time writing down the things when you could be enjoying them, or better yet, finding some more, or maybe I just didn’t want to count the gifts because I knew I would have to find them. But I started, and I kept going. I read Ann’s blog and I think that was what really kept me going. Seeing her posts as a real-life testimony to the tool this list could be. Several weeks ago I reached 1000 gifts. I’m still counting, now into the 1400s. We were gifted with another copy of her book (the first is loaned out to another friend) yesterday and I finished re-reading it today. My journal has two or three pages full of quotes from her book and I’ve already seen the grace God has given me to change. 

Thank you Ann for being vunerable enough to share. You blog is a daily encouragement to me, and I fully intend to never stop counting these grace-gifts He’s given me! 

By: Katelyn Bumgardner

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