Just before finishing my day I like to jot down those things that I am particularly thankful for… I find it a good way to review the day, to let those moments when I was thankful be more real and appreciated. Somehow, the word “grace” keeps popping up, it’s like it underlies every other thing that I am thankful for, escpecially on those days when I feel like I am just overwhelmed with tiredness and am really struggling to find anything to be thankful for. It’s still all grace, and once I recognize that I feel like somehow, it’ll be okay. Surely I recieved far more than I deserve and grace to have even made it through another day helps me keep pressing on, in gratitude.

Sometimes the more difficult a thing I face the more deeply I become impressioned by this gift of grace. Even recognizing His grace is a gift of grace!!

By: Eritia Smit

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