Good-byes that are Welcome Homes

On Christmas Eve, I was stunned again.  Another homegoing on Christmas Eve in the same family!  Was this cruel or the biggest blessing of all?  Part of me wanted to scream “Lord, how could you?” and in the same thought as if on a parallel track was “Lord, two members of the same family now share the same second birth day and get the best Christmas present of all!!” 

I am sure this makes no sense to anyone but those of us who have witnessed Cindy’s courage over the years.  Cindy, my friend.  Cindy the mother of sweet Jeremy and the daughter of Hughey who both entered heavens gates on Christmas eve.  Jeremy was just 18 when he went on that rainy Christmas Eve so many years ago after battling hard a childhood cancer.  Now, Jeremy’s granddaddy said “goodbye for now” to his daughters, son, and wife of more than 50 years and went to see Jesus on the Eve of this HIS birthday.  He was met at the portal by not only Jeremy but his son Andy who died just a few short years ago.  Mr. Hughey’s granddaughter Amy told me that God pulled back the curtain and let her precious grandfather see that he would be met by Jesus and Andy and Jeremy riding up on motorcycles.  Such grace to a father who wondered at times about the condition of his son’s relationship to his Savior and grace to a family who once again lives the earthly nightmare of sickness, death, and sorrow that God did not “hardwire” us for because His plan in the beginning was for us to LIVE in fellowship with Him eternally and never know death! 

For those who know the empty place at the table when families gather to celebrate, you feel the angst of watching my sweet friend put up a good front every year as she prepares for the holidays that have never been the same since she said “farewell for now” to her son.  This family, that forges on serving the Lord that it sometimes appears or He has forgotten and certainly not heard their prayers, LOVES the Lord with all their hearts and they serve Him faithfully both in their local church and in the communities where they live.   

So today, I count it a TREMENDOUS BLESSING to know this family.  Lord, I thank you for the family that loves you, serves you, and is faithful to you even when their questions are NOT answered.  I thank you for their witness of the love of Jesus and how they share that you did not spare your son death, but will raise us as You raised Him in the not so distant future.  Each day we are one day closer to being with You and our loved ones gone ahead to Paradise-the place of wholeness, wellness, life at its fullest and being all that you planned for us to be.  Thank you that they enjoy the physical presence of Jesus and that they now understand all that puzzled them.  Thank you for a friend named Cindy who because she knows this pain, ministers to others from a heart of understanding and love when they are in the darkest part of the valley of death.  Thank you for this family’s love for one another and how they show a watching world how family is suppose to be.  Thank you Father for the beauty radiated from her sweet face.  Thank you for healing Cindy from cancer and blessing me with her friendship.  I am amazed that You would share such a rare treasure with me.   Thank you Lord for GRACE, AMAZING GRACE!

By: Yvonne

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