Giving thanks in all things? It’s possible!

In November 2010 the unthinkable happened–I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was stunned. At 56 I was fit, active, healthy and enjoying my six grandchildren and every other part of my life. The next sixteen months were a whirlwind of surgeries (Five!), appointments and chemotherapy. There were hard days, exhausting days. There were joyful days, like when my daughter, daughter-in-law and the grandkids made a party out of shaving my head when the chemo began to take my hair. Every day I sat in my favorite leather recliner, pulled out my Bible and a pink breast cancer journal and prayed scripture, sought God and recorded the many, many things I was thankful for.

When 2012 finally got here and my treatments ended, I remember telling the Lord how grateful I was for his amazing grace during my illness and that I was anticipating a much easier year. A few days later a friend gave me a copy of the book one thousand gifts, with the words that God had spoken to her to buy it for me. An hour later I went home and got a call from my husband telling me he’d just lost his job. So much for the easier year. 🙂 But as I’ve read this wonderful book and begun my own list of a thousand gifts, I have learned beyond any shadow of doubt that one CAN give thanks in all things. And that his grace is truly sufficient, his love is truly enough, and his goodness never stops even when the going gets rough. Oh, praise to our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ!

By: Diane Chrislip

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