Giving Thanks for Eyes to See Two Shores


In the hesitation I was almost tempted to say “no.” I would have lost out on an extraordinary gift. The gift of seeing God at work in one’s life.


It was a treasured moment-of-a-lifetime. One that had God’s signature boldly stamped all over it. One I hope never to forget.


In an experience I believe to be orchestrated by God, I felt the embrace of my Heavenly Father. Wings wrapped soft around me…and a span of years.


Full circle. I saw a season of my life come full circle. There I stood again, ending precisely where&nbsp;I once began 16 years earlier. God had brought me to the most remarkable view. To see the difference He makes in a life. <strong><em>With</em></strong> a life.


It was moving day. An exceptional crew of friends and faith-family&nbsp;rallied and surrounded&nbsp;us with love and proceeded to execute a flawless move of perfection and speed.&nbsp;The first half of this day was filled with light, laughter, and love. It was followed by quite the contrast. A contrast of two polar worlds. 


I had offered some items left behind to my ex. We had arranged pick-up for another day. Less than an hour after the moving truck pulled away he asked if he could get the items then. That was when I almost said no. 


We met back at the house. He and an old friend of his. The same friend that helped us move into the house. The three of us moved into that house and here, 16 years later, the three of us were moving things out. 


I marveled deeply. (I’m not sure they really even noticed.)


We’ve taken opposite paths. Made opposing choices. Lived different lives. Occupy different worlds.


As they went about their business, I communed with God. Praying; “What do You want me to see here, Lord? This moment You have presented before me is held in Your Hands. There is something I am meant to see. What is it?”


It seemed two opposing worlds passed before me in a matter of brief hours for comparison. And I felt so….<em>enveloped. </em>By grace, I suppose. I felt foreign to them. They seemed unchanged. In a mental blur, almost like the slow-motion, time elapsed videos of a growing plant,&nbsp;I saw a life transformed–a person re-formed.


To so clearly see the contrast was a rare gift. And to truly experience the love and blessing of being in God’s family compared to a life in the void was awe-inducing.


My mind fixed on this event the remainder of the day…and into the next. I tried to put words to what I felt in that moment. I scrawled a note to my friend on the back of the church bulletin in worship Sunday. “God helped me to physically see what He was delivering me from.” I felt like I stood mid-stream in exodus and could see two shores. One behind, one before. I was stepping onto a pseudo-Jordan bank; a land of promise ahead,&nbsp;glancing back to where God had brought me from.&nbsp;Seeing Him all along the way. But especially now. I’m not sure why. But what a blessing! To actually see this was to fully be aware of it.


God lovingly showed me–actually showed me–the closing of a season. What a priceless jewel! I’m not quite sure why he felt I was worthy to gaze upon such a gem. To so definitely feel His presence. I am gratefully humbled to have sensed the tender embrace of Father God.


He laid an opportunity before me. And I almost said “no.” And I would have missed the most incredible view. Not of majestic mountains or starry skies. But the majesty of His grace upon a life.


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Thanks for space to share

and thanks for the dare to count.

By: Debbra

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