giving thanks

1. My daughters building a beaver dam with fallen sticks, and flat stones.

2.  Skipping through the prairie pretending to be pioneers.

3.  Holding hands with my four year old, who’s little hand hold warmth and trust.

4.  Warm blankets, good books, and a gracious God.

5.  Relay marathons and friends to run it with in order to give back to others.

6.  Amy- willing to run an extra mile- or 2 keeping me company and making the run go so much faster.

7.  Attending church somewhere different- meeting new people and hearing a friend preach of God’s abundant love that transforms lives everyday.

8.  Reading with my daughter as she sounds out words, makes up words and grows so much bigger everyday.

9.  Watching my other daughter work so hard to put the mixed up letters I gave her in alphabetical order and do a happy dance when she completed her puzzle.

10. For a daycare provider who really knows my girls, and who helps them open doors, put their shoes on the right feet, and make sure they know all about God, love and respect.  Thank you Mary!

By: Joanna

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