Gifts in my life

The gifts in my life are many.  While listening to Spirit this morning, they were discussing how hard it was today to find any good news with so many devasting things going on in the world and locally in Seattle with fires and people loosing their homes.  they asked listeners to call in with any good news they had, I was driving so couldnt do this but the first thing that I thought of was “its not raining” I am from Arizona and believe me, I cherish the days here when the sun is shinning!  So that is one gift I would like to put on my list of many, but others would be;

my church family, they are awesome, (Faith & Victory in Auburn Wa)

my children and grandchildren

my job

my friends

that we have a house to live in, not the streets

that we have food

that I am alive and well, 


By: Lynn Christianson

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