I am thankful for many things but truly thankful for the people in my life…I lost my husband in a car crash almost 9 years ago and still to this day miss him every day…I have 2 sons and a daughter , 4 grandchildren.. a granddaughter who is 20 and 3 grandsons..2 are age 16 and and the other 10 whom I love more than life itself… a brother and sister in law I could not live without and many friends that I consider family. I started going to Bethany Church about a year ago and I must say it changed my life and the way I go about my days. Your book One Thousand Gifts is a class I am attending and I have learned to slow my life down and enjoy the simple things… a beautiful bird, a bright blue sky and most of all the ability to see things in a different and better light. God Bless you and thank you for writing this wonderful book.

By: Sheila Jones

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