Gifts #1 – 10

#1 – Sunsine as it streams through the window

#2 – Red Winged Blackbirds clinging to a barbed wire fence (a sure sign of Spring in Wisconsin

#3 – Watching my daughter clip snippets of yarn to put in the yard for the Robins to use in their nests

#4 – Warm packs to lay on stiff muscles

#5 – Anticipation of seeing someone I love dearly

#6 – Being able to offer a comforting shoulder or ear to a friend trying to understand the pain of losing someone so young

#7 – Friends who drop everything when I need them the most

#8 – A clandestine kiss from a teenager for buying him a suit for his very first Prom.

#9 – Shoe shopping with my daughter

#10 – A cold Pepsi when the craving strikes

By: Sheila

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