Gift List, just a start

1.  Breath:  I sit still & breathe, breathe deeply, feel the rise of my chest & the infilling of my lungs & then let go, the filling & emptying, the repeating…Thank You God for Your breath of Life, Genesis 2:7 & for making me alive, renewed moment by moment with Your Own breath.

2.  The Mercy & Lovingkindnesses of God, Who Is Good…that His Mercies & Lovingkindesses are New every morning & that they Endure.  Psalm 136 & Psalm 63:3

3.  God, You are the God of NOW, everpresent, Ancient of Days, the Great I Am…thank You that You are In the Moment, every moment.

4.  I am part of The Assembly, part of The Body, the body of Christ…His bride & His church.  Jesus, Your people shall be my people and Your God shall be my God.  Ruth 1:16

5.  God’s Provision, thank You that You’ve written out all the days of my life in Your book & provided enough Grace, enough Mercy, enough Lovingkindness for each.  Psalm 139:16

6. First Light–I’m thankful for that moment of discovery when a know concept suddenly expands or a new concept is 1st graspted, coming into understanding–that Joy!

7.  The Hidden Manna of Eucharisteo.

8.  I’m thankful that God is giving me that garment of praise instead of the heavy, burdened & failing spirit…every moment because of leading me to read Ann’s book & because of leading me to start this list & because of giving me eyes to see His Goodness & opening my heart to give Thanks!  Isaiah 61:3b

9.  That I do NOT live by bread alone, but by the Word. I’m gratefu, God entrusts His Word to me.

10. The patch of blue glimpsed through cloud dappled sky–that reminder that like the sun You are always everpresent, even when clouds of doubt/uncertanty/confusing circumstances obscrue You–they are only temporary, but You are Eternally Present, I Am.

11.  I don’t have to worry or be concerned w/my future–it’s held within God’s hands. I can rest & Not fear–and simply follow You, today–one step at a time.  Confidently.

By: Nan

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