getting it

By acknowledging and accepting God’s gifts, He holds me tight and reminds me that He is still here – beside me, ready to save me fully with His gifts that bear my name.

1136. Ann Voskamp’s God -inspired words that remind me that God knows.
1137. The way my three-year old daughter holds her palms up, shrugs her shoulders and says, “Mom, why didn’t you say so?”
1138. Chocolate thumb-print stain on the back cover of my One Thousand Gifts book.
1139. Goofy self-portraits of me and my son.
1140. Hearing both kids chime in unison, “mommy, we neeeeeeed you” for bedtime prayers.
1141. Spending time shopping with my mama.
1142. Cupcakes baked and delivered by a great friend.
1143. Husband who’s learning to feel again.
1144. Placing pizza toppings on homemade pizzas with my kids.
1145. Son who falls asleep excitedly at the promise of being moved into mommy’s bed later tonight.
1146. Signing my job offer.
1147. Emails of support from those who’ve been here.
1148. Inspiration to write.
1149. Lotion for my chapped, winter-tired hands.
1150. Son munching on a giant carrot while watching TV.
1151. Strength to smile and know that through God, all things are possible.

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