Full Moon Setting

Last night as I drove into our long (by city standards) curvy driveway I saw the glint of moonlight reflecting off the tin roof of our log cabin home.  The yard was bathed in soft white light and I needed no flashlight to navigate outside for the nights final stroll with the dogs.  But then this morning, as I stepped outside to feed the cat before leaving for work, there was a bright white light shining through the trees large and round in the west.  The full moon setting. Such an unexpected surprise!   As I drove into work I watched this moon, the middle of the trinity of light, turn from white to orange and then, it was suddenly gone.  Gone behind the trees, city lights, and bank of clouds in the west–distractions.  I searched hard to recapture its beauty to no avail.  The eastern sky was now blue gray-pink and the western sky was deep dark night. 

The thought came softly, that the lights of earth never go out!  The sun lights the day, the moon and stars light the night.  All three together a picture of the Trinity of God.  No matter what, day or night, good times or hard times the light is still there, illuminating, warming, giving sight, offering hope to the traveler.

Scripture says that nature shouts of the presence of God and we are without excuse……………

This day, I am thankful for moonlight shining off tin roof, big round moon shining bright still this morning, moon turned orange, gray-pink sky, and stars twinkling out one by one, all teaching silently of the Trinitys forever presence whether I notice or not whether I reach out to touch it or not, whether I ask for it or not!  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I thank you for Your presence in the evening and in the morning and all the time inbetween.

By: Yvonne Jones

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