The Easter Musical is done.  Christ unimaginable gift portrayed.  A soul or two is saved.  But that is not the end.  Sweet K, granddaughter dear, whose heart has been wounded by her own Dad.  Abandoned.  Her sweet spirit has cried rivers of tears asking “Why?!?”  Anger has embittered her sweetness, robbed her of joy is waiting for me.

I have taken off my costume and I am making my way toward her when she comes determinedly toward me and bids me come close for her secret. With sweetness of honey she whispers, “Beebs, I have completely forgiven my Dad.”  I look deep into crystal blue and see her peace restored!  Easter lived out in a life.  Forgiveness received, forgiveness given!  A hug and pure love flows and a wounded heart is healed………….EUCHARISTEO! A nine year old took what was given, accepted it as from her heavenly Father who she knows has plans for her, and the miracle of Christ is lived out for all to see! To feel!

I watch as she skips toward Mr Buddy to fill his love tank and for him to fill hers.  Amazing Grace! I feel a smile spread across the countenance and look into her Mom’s eyes and see relief that the damage she feared was irrepairable is repaired by the very Hands of God!  A “plank of trust” has been laid down in two lives and the bridge over the next problem is built for the two of them to cross together as they journey on.

Easter Blessings without number!

By: Yvonne

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