1. Leftovers from dinner – it means I have abundance!
2. Smiles galore when I see old friends
3. Seeing the bottom of the Ironing basket – my ironing is done.
4. Overflowing laundry – we have enough and are living.
5. Sounds of birds in the morning – i can hear, and am unhurried enough to hear.
6. Kids clamouring to be heard – they had an interesting day and want to share it.
7. Internet connection so I can communicate even when I am unable to be out.
8. Mobile phones and messaging system and friends who i can share my thoughts and concerns with.
9. A car and ability to drive, roads that are nice and clear, no traffic jams and a heart that apkpreciates.
10. The beautiful little purple flowers that are blooming outside my front door.
By: Cellina

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