I come home after a midnight shift, tired, ready for sleep only to be welcomed by a trail of vomit and poop from one end of the house to the other………….my puppy of 16 years has become very ill during the night.  He tried to go outside, but no one was there to lend a hand in opening the door.  He is weak, wobbly and weary.  Belly tight, back hunched in pain, skin wrinkled and fur soiled.  Give thanks for this, are you kidding me?

I stop, take a deep breath of foul air and begin the cleaning up process.  Fleece looks at me sad eyed and tucks his fluffy tail to say “I’m sorry,” and proceeds to be sick yet again.  The floors and furniture will wait.  I pick him up, carry him upstairs and put him in the tub.  I must clean him up.  Fleece, who got his name from Scripture long years ago as my nest was emptying.  My sweet Fleece stayed by my side through many ugly-beautiful days much like this one when husband was sick and dying with demon cancer in his gut.  I give thanks for another day with sweet Fleece who was a daily reminder of the loyalty and love of the Father.  Now I will be loyal to him for though he is soiled, he is worthy (loved) in my eyes.  Ah, a picture of the Savior and what He thinks of me!  Joy unspeakable.  Fleece and I are both snow white, because of love. What grace.

By: Yvonne Jones

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