A hot, muggy hot, May day. “Tap,Tap” scared me awake from my grading land. The most beautiful blonde haired girl with shining green eyes opened my classroom door with a squeak. “You said you wanted to see me” she said holding out her newly returned essay covered in red ink. She looked at me as though she thought I might pounce on her at any moment. “Oh, yes, I wanted to give it back to you when it could be just me and you,, but I dont, what did you think?” I replied thoughtfully. It was a sensitive subject and I knew it had taken a lot for her to open up to me with it but what she had writen enraged me. She hurridly began explaining her gramitcal and spelling errors. While they where horindis it was the last thing I was concerned with. “Oh no Im not worried about that I was wondering more about the other side of it… umm let me see what I wrote” taking the graded paper from her. A few moments later I pulled the timid girl into my arms,” I think adoption is a difficult subject no matter what but when I think about it I think about Christ and how He has adopted us into His family and adoption is just such a wonderful picture of His grace.” Quit “I want you to know Miss Faye that you are love, love, love, love, loved! not just by me but by God… do you believe that Miss Faye?” quite “Well do you know that I love you??” a shrug I pull her into a tighter hug and ask if I can pray for her. A nod yes. I pray, pray for this little girls aching heart, her questioning spirtit, for her to knwo that she is loved beyond measure by God and by me. I silently pray to myself “Lord, let her know that she is loved, when I wrap my arms around her let her feel you love wraping around her”. I squeeze her tighter. “If you ever wanna talk, I’m here” She knows that though, Ive told her before, I’ve always wondered about her life story, I even asked her once if she would tell me. “Thank you” she whispers and leaves. …the next night… “beep” goes my phone, its the sound for my school email, I consider ignoring it, but its the end of the grading period and at this late its probably something important. I open the email. Its from Faye. In short she told me that her birth mom had almost aborted her because she had cancer and could get the nessecary levels of treatment while pregnant, when Faye was 5 her mother died. When Faye was young she practicly raised her baby brother while trying her best to avoid her druken and physically/sexually abussive dad. When she was Eight her father left her and her one year old brother a friends front porch and never came back. He called two weeks later to say He didnt want them. They lived in numerous fatoer homes in numerous states for several years. When Faye was eleven her newly married aunt adopted her and her brother. It wasnt as perfect as it seems, her uncle was just as bad as her father and the aunt isnt much better. She know raises her six sibling while working going to school and playing competitive sports. She also is one of those people that looks like they have it all together, I would have never imagined this was her story. This was the short version of the story and the whole time she kept saying how she knew she was so blessed and could have it much worse and wasnt trying to complain. I cried. Then I cried agian. I emailed her back reminding her how much I loved her and how sweet of a girl she was I tried my best to comfort her and encourage her. I told her I wished she was my daughter, oh how I meant it, I still do wish she was. The next day at school I wrapped her in my arms agian and prayed for her and reminded her of my love and His for her. She looked up at me and her quit little voice said “thank you, thank you for wanting me, I’ve never felt wanted before in my life. Ive never been told I love you by an adult that I can remember, thank you” I managed to hold back the tears….. until she left my classroom. That night I emailed her agian, she had been part of a bible study I had been doing with some girls in my school and was amazed at her desire to be like Christ and astounded by her spiritual growth throughout the year. We had done a Bible study based off of a book and she often thanked me for doing it. So i told her of another booK, one told by a woman who had experienced similiar pain from a ravaged youth. One Thousnad Gifts. She emailed my back a couple weeks later, it was now summer vacation, and told me of the huge ways this book had impacted her life and of all she had learnt from it. Shes like that, she soaks up every little thing God has for her. I emailed her back- “You simply amaze me, You soak up every little thing God has for you like a sponge, I am so proud of you. I’m sure you make Him smile, you sure make me smile. I love you.” she is so humble and so on fire, she is my constant encourager. She is one of those people that even though today her aunt is in a vegitative state in a hospital for over dosing on drugs and her dad is probably out drinking and she is raising 6 kids practically on her own, she is having a possitive attitude, she never has a “bad day” and theres not a moment she snot looking for someone to encourage and love. I am so very thankful God put her into my life. gift # 1680 Miss Faye

By: Joy

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