Favoured Among Women

When Marry, mother of Jesus finds out that her life is about to get very, very difficult, her response is “I am favored among women”.

My story in short.. Shortly after my birth mother descovered that she was pregnant with me, she also discovered that she had cancer. At the urging of her doctors she agreed to have an abortion. She was prepped for the “procedure” and just as the doctor was about to begin, somthing went wrong, she became very ill. After doing some more tests on her they descided that for her own health they would not do the abortion right then. She continued to want the abortion, even after seeing my on ultrasound and hearing my heartbeat. Her cancer as well as other problems continued to make her very sick and weak, preventing the abortion from taking place. When she finally began to get better, she was too far along with me and no doctor would agree to perform the abortion. I was born, underweight but otherwise healthy. My birth mothers cancer came back and more agressive, she died when I was four. At this time I continued to live with my father and two older sister (from his first marriage). While my mother had been in the hospital My sisters and I had stayed with my grandparents so that they could care for me while my father spent most of his time either at work or with my mother at the hospital. I was very fond of my gradparents as where they of me. After my mother died, we all moved back with my father into our home. The last night I spent at my grandparents house I fall asleep on the sofa in the livingroom, when my grandfather came in to take me to bed I woke up but pretended to still be sleeping so he would carry me to bed. He tucked me in and kissed my forehead then went to the garage and committed suicide, his note said in short that he couldnt take the way I was tearing his family apart. My grandmother, to this day holds me responsible for his death. When I was six my father dropped me off at an aunts house to spend the night. Two weeks later he still hadnt returned. He called to say that he was absolutely sure he did not want me and would sign over his parental rights, he did and kept my sisters. I lived in many different homes with a lot of people i barely knew or didnt know at all, in several different states. While some of the homes where not the best, even abuseive, I thankfully never had to go into foster care and always had my most basic needs met. When I was eight disstant relatives in Texas descided that they wanted to adopt me, it seemed too good to be true, it was, at the last moment they changed their minds. When I was nine my aunt and uncle adopted me. It isnt the best home, my uncle is an alchohlic and my mother has some mental problems and its never really been much of a home, never the less and I am extremely grateful to them in ways words cannot express.

I tell you this to say, I, like Mary, am favoured among women! In every word of my story I can see Gods amazing grace. Now, as a fifteen year old I have an awsome oprotunity. God has allowed me to magnify Him by lavishing grace on others because He has lavished it on me. I have grown up knowing what it feels like to be unloved and unwanted and with every gift I count the ways He loves me and wants me. I am so thankful! And thank you Mrs. Voskamp for sharing your story in “One Thousand Gifts” I may never have found the courage to share mine without it. Merry Christmas and God bless.

By: Cindy

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