Family imperfect

Today, I am thankful for a very imperfect family.  We spent a rare day of being together as a family yesterday, to have fun!  During the course of the day, daughter and father locked horns a couple of times and spard words and attitudes.  This is difficult for this grandmother, mother to watch because my knees have been bloody for some 19 years for this relationship.  Life for these two has been difficult at best and a cold war at times.  Now, as they forge a “grownup” relationship the heat required to forge is hot and painful.  I must sit, watch, wait, and pray(some more!!!) until this love and respect finds its rhythm and strength.  We did play.  We did have fun.  We will do it again.  I weep tears of joy for a day that at times I wondered if it would ever come.  I thank the God of all comfort for His faithfulness all these years.  I thank Him for caring us through these days.  I thank Him for His Word with other families imperfect recorded to show that He takes us imperfect and makes us perfect in Christ. 

Our nation is full of families like mine:  Fallen, imperfect, struggling, and hurting.  We are not alone even if it feels that way.  God is always present. Always faithful.  Always using the hard to make the soft. Taking tears and filling bottles to remember and redeem for praise.

900.  Son

901.  Daughters

902.  Granddaughters of these

903.  New boat, sunshine, and day of pure family reality

904.  Hope for future

905.  Time to encourage

906.  Expiration dates on ability to blame parents for problems in life!!! Praise God!

907.  Dare to leadership

908.  Pictures of family growing, memories precious

909.  Taking the dare to live fully right where I am a few months ago.

910.  Children and Granddaughters living with courage in face of adversity!

By: Yvoone

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