faith-filled quilt of comfort and prayer shawl

I am the victor and daily survivor of a dibilitating chronic illness. Each moment of the day I have a choice to give in to the pain, fatigue and multiple symptoms. But I choose to pick up and cover myself with the physical warmth and knowledge that is contained within my “faith-filled” quilt, (a quilt stitched with verses of healing and hope from the bible) and it physically, emotionally and spiritually provides me with hope and peace. Each morning or when the pain and fatigue overwhelm me I cover my sholders, my heart and my hopes with my prayer shawl – a shawl made with the healing and comforting prayers of so many. My gift is the comfort of knowing that  GOD has never let this desease become more than we can handle together and has shown me the tools that I needed for my personal comfort.

By: Janine

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