ET the extra-terrestrial movie about an alien and the boy that loved him.  He was a foreigner on earth.  He looked different, acted different, ate differently, communicated with only a few, but learned to love.  ET disrupted lives of the family he invaded but over time despite his oddities he became a member of the family.

We called this one we loved, ET.  ET was loved but it was never enough.  ET had the “never enough” complex.  Nothing was ever enough and over time it consumed and destroyed ET. 

Suicide, a word that shoots through the heart just like a bullet shot through a tormented brain.  ET slew the demon of ingratitude.

Once again, I seek to be grateful for the HARD, doesn’t feel like a gift events of this past week:  The phone call that came, the parents and children’s agony, the shock sent through a community not totally surprised, the verbal stones hurled by family and friends who think they know both sides of the story, the funeral, and now the picking up of the pieces of shattered hopes and dreams and the resounding “NO” to the prayers prayed for reconciliation and healing here on planet earth.

The truth is I do have to dig deep to find reasons to be thankful, but they are there waiting to be mined out of the miry clay.  ET hurt many in life and in death, but the reality is that ET had a loving heart that wanted to love and be loved.  ET left two precious children who will take the lessons of living in the shadow of mental illness and use it to aid others and have limitless empathy for those encountering the same rocky road. ET left a mother, father, and brother who have lived the nightmare of never finding the answers needed and already desiring to remember only the beauty of this life, the smile, infectious laughter, fun loving spirit.  ET was saved by the grace of Christ and  that is ENOUGH to be grateful!  I cannot wait to see this precious one happy and whole, filling heavens halls with laughter.

This was a lemon of a week.  I choose to make lemonade.  I choose to be refreshed by the Spirit and walk beside those who loved ET.  I chose to rejoice that nothing, not ANYTHING can take us from the Father’s hand! I am thankful that Jesus paid it all and all to Him I owe.  I am thankful for having loved this one called ET, one whose life was filled with wrong choices but hear this ET made two choices that will always be right……….ET gave life to two, and they are called grand!!!

By: Patsy

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