Don’t Cry Over Spilled Cheerios

One morning I knocked a box of Cheerios off the counter all over the kitchen floor. As usual, my dogs came running. I watched the smaller of the two start to gobble up the Cheerios like they would disapper at any minute if she didn’t hurry. then I noticed Ginger, my sheltie who was so focused, so intent on trying to get the one or two Cheerios that were under the cabinet. It was like God was speaking to me. How often do we miss out on blessings because we are so ‘focused’, so ‘intent’ on what ever we think we want, what ever our problems might be that day. He want’s to lavishly pour out those blessings on us, but we are like ‘Ginger’. We need to stop, look around and see all the blessings that are right in front of our faces, that have been there all along. So take time with your toddler during his or her nap time and cuddle and share Eskimo kisses. Or go to the park during lunch and feed the ducks or squirrels and think about how amazingly different God created these animals and many more. Get up early, in the stillness and watch the sunrise and know that He is God.

By: Michelle Niederriter

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