Dew Drops

Dear Ann, Thank you for suggesting this process. I’ve been writing down moments of grace for 3 years now each night in a spiral along with “opportunities to love” and “moments for confession”. I found that doing this has changed me just as you said. But now as I work on my 1000 list, I’m noting things I’d overlooked/took for granted. They are like dew drops–so many everywhere. This is lots of fun and brings that intensity of love God has for me personally a bit more into focus. Also: have you read anything by Walt Wangerin Jr? He used to write for The Lutheran and his article on Nov 13, 1991 is one I wish I could scan to you. I think you’d delight in his writing style. Miz Lil And The Chronicles Of Grace is a collection of some of his short stories (and to me it is his short stories that focus the grace so much) which I found at his web site, but from there I couldn’t get to the archives of his magazine articles. If you’d like to see the 1991 article, send me you email and I’ll figure out how to use the scanner. (I’m a tecno-dinosaur!) Blessings, Julaine

By: Julaine Kammrath

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