Hard eucharisteo!  Yesterday, I was told that my neighbors will be moving!  Not across town but out of state.  Neighbors, friends who have filled in the gap left by my precious husband’s death nearly five years ago.  He moves hay, feeds the critters when I am out of town, fixes the broken so I don’t bear the expense of repairs, and the list goes on and on and on. She is a prayer warrior and Godly example of perserverance.

God, is in this and I see it as a gift for them!  God’s orchestrating answers to prayers they have prayed so long!  God moving them into position for their golden years when they will need more assistance from family.  I am thrilled for them, not so for me.  Praise the Lord for them …… problem.  Praise the Lord for what it will mean to me……..I will myself to do that which I have learned I must.

It seems that my world is shrinking!!  Friends moving (they are not the first in the last couple of years and likely will not be the last), family going home to be with the Lord, children moving away to pursue their own lives, grandchildren venturing out and away, and so life moves in ever widening and decreasing circles and I remain here to find a new path without the tangible support of others that I have been blessed with for so long!

What does tomorrow hold?  Great question without an immediate answer.  Will I too be moved?  The Lord says that I must decrease so He can increase.  Where will He lead from here? What else must I give up, relinquish, abandon, to be in His will?  Give up independence?  So many questions, no immediate answers.  Face in the dirt seeking?  Yes!

To see this as a gift for me too…………….I know it to be true though anxiety squeezes the throat.  Eucharisteo, take what is given (loss) as grace and give thanks and joy will be mine and a miracle will follow. 

By: Yvonne

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