Deception is ugly that only God can turn beautiful.  Lying to the dying is not acceptable.  Accusing the departed of heinous acts to the loved ones left behind feels unforgiveable.  Feels is the operative word.  For I must forgive to be forgiven according to Scripture.  Ah, another choice to make, encourage and DO!  There is power in removing the dagger thrust into my heart and handing it to the One who alone can heal. Heal through graces in the most unexpected places and from the least likely persons…… 

Will I be able to be like Job who when asked by his accusing friends to forgive them, prayed for them?  I have made the choice today, a hard eucharisteo, to do just that!  I will follow the Savior’s example – FORGIVE, Pray for the offending one, seek restoration, redemption and be thankful for this “gift”.

My gifts for 2012 now number more than 250 that are written and there are 1000 not written.  All is Grace…….the kind word spoken, the angry adjective hurled, the defiant stand and the humble apology….words that are stones inflicting hurt or piled up to form an altar of thanksgiving. 

By: Patsy

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