Daughter ready to be baptized

My seven-year old daughter was recently taking a bath. As I walked into the bathroom to check on her; she was pinching her nose with her fingers, leaning back, submerging her body in the water; and then raising herself up again, saying, “buried in baptism, raised to walk in the newness of life;” to which I said inside, “Hallelujah!” She announced right there in her own baptismal waters that she is ready to be baptized. We talked and she understands the significance of baptism. She plans to announce her readiness for baptism at our next service. Tonight we read Day 1 of Ann’s, An Easter Devotional: Trail to the Tree. When it came time to pray, my daughter wanted to pray. She told God that she was sorry she hadn’t prayed in awhile but that she knew He already knew that. And then she thanked Him for calling her to go forward for baptism. What an answer to this mother’s prayer. So thankful He is a God who pursues us and calls us to Himself. Eucharisteo.
By: Jenny Parker

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