counting with numbers

I reached 1000 gifts several months ago and and counted an additional hundred or so with numbers and then kept on “listing” but stopped counting.  The habit was formed and numbering was not the point………or so I thought.  I could go back and “Add” the numbers to the gifts listed but that seems unnecessary.  What is very necessary is that I begin again!  The numbers are important!  Not for the sake of a number but for what that number represents……..a gift from the Father that was important enough to list and count.  The song says count your blessings, name them one by one.  It is for ME that I count.  Whether I count one gift a day or 100 gifts a day, the practice of counting I must continue or I will slip back into old patterns of ingratitude. 

So, today, I will begin again to count. The number represents a special something given to me by my loving heavenly Father to enrich my life.  In counting I write Him a thank you note (a very important task for a Southern girl like me where etiquette is not optional for a lady) for His kind act of thoughtfulness. 

1200.  GRITS-“Girls Raised In the South”

1201. Lessons learned the hard way

1202. Emily Post and White Gloves and Party Manners training

1203. Old hymns with ageless message

1204. Penmanship, stationary, stamps, mail carriers

1205. Rain on the metal roof

1206. Fall in the air

1207. Song “Who Am I?” reminds me I am HIS! Heir with Christ.

By: Yvonne

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