Claiming the Thanking

It took a hard, hard thing to force me on my knees yesterday and to tell my husband that I needed to leave for the weekend in order to breathe, take care of myself, and come back emotionally and spiritually healthier. Armed with my Bible, my commentaries, my journal, and Ann’s new DVD study, I stayed at a friend’s house while she was away. 

Absorbing the One Thousand Gifts DVD study in chunks, taking notes, furiously looking up passages and meditating over them, cross-referencing, praying — all of it led me to an even more profound realization of the need to praise and thank God – in ALL circumstances.

I read One Thousand Gifts and started my list two years ago, but I wasn’t living it. In the past 24 hours I have realized I need to make this life-change and that it will be harder than I can even grasp. I will have to step on the bridge and believe that God, the Great Carpenter, built this bridge to hold me. I have to TRUST God and believe that all will be done for His glory, that God is good. 

So after over 50 pages of journaling between last night and tonight and 39 additional gratitude list items, I return home tomorrow and face the same world that I left – but with my hands extended, open, in praise and thanks. 

#705 – I am grateful for this weekend and the blessings God has bestowed upon me to prepare me for a life full of thanking and praising Him.

By: Lisa

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