Christmas at Midnight


Waking up to a dog frantically barking in the yard.  The lights are out, the house is strangely sleeping.  I walk outside, something is wrong.  The earth is silent and engulfed in darkness.  The whole grid is out and its completely still.  My husband follows me outside with flashlight in hand.  I feel the cold grass on my bare feet and the winter air creeping into my bones.  I stand huddled, my own bare arms wrapped around myself.  He walks up to me and wispers, “look at that!”  I look up and the whole of the sky is clear and radiant.  The city lights, man’s power, no longer competing with God’s great majesty, the sky is blazing.  A thin dark blue membrane stretched beyond its abilities like a mother’s tummy stretched out in late pregnancy.  The stars hang in the sky almost mockingly close.  I could reach one I’m sure.  My breath halts.  This is the most beautiful gift.  There is no explanation for this majesty.  There is no wind, the night is completely calm.  I whisper, “thank you for showing  this to me”  I’m speaking directly to God.  My husband envelops me into his arms and I am embraced by the warmth of the physical and my body is given what it needs, but my soul has been fed one thousand times.  It runneth over.

By: Brandi

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