nurturing, strength, compassion-gifts found in women ( I am one! )

Anniversary #60-day of celebration, not here but in glory!  Today, is Mamma and Daddy’s 60th wedding anniversary.  Wish I was there to tell them “EUCHARISTEO!  Thank you for taking the problems, giving thanks and being part of a miracle!  The miracle of staying together through thick and thin.  The miracle of working through the ups and downs, the sickness, the disappointments, the poverty (financial only) and building a home of love and commitment out of two broken homes and sad childhoods to give four ungrateful children the gift of unbroken home!  You did it by God’s grace.  You were thankful and we have learned gratitude (though somewhat late) from your example.  As you walk the peaceful streets of gold hand in hand and worship side by side, I look forward to the day we are reunited to never be separated again.  I smile big thinking of you together forever!”

By: Yvonne

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