Can’t stop writing..

Just a few of the 100 I wrote out this week. I am so inspired.

31. Conversations with far away friends
32 Giggles of my 3 children
33. Tea parties with penguins
36. sudden rain showers
36. the book of Joel – the Lord will restore
39. My marriage, better now than ever
41. clarity of mind
44. Faithfull friends
50. Love note to my man
53. sunlights warmth
52, Teenage daughters – who still want hugs
57. tears that flowed as I reread chapter 1 of !000 Gifts
64. an hour long conversation with my BFF
66. the love of my Savior
68. Slepy sweaty cheeks to kiss good night
71. Photos of my children
73. This moment
78. 15 year old ‘boy’ not yet man
81. kisses from my love
88. “you are Beautiful” from the lips of my husband
92. Searching out the Joy
100. Seashells here in the desert
102. My curls that fall softly
104 thoughts of summer’s garden
115. Pink packages with polka dots
120 The rising sun

By: Nicole

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