Camilla and Beth

I awoke yesterday with prayer on my lips and consumming my heart.  Prayers for a little girl named Camilla who was preparing for a brain surgery to relieve incessant seizure activity.  A little girl who is beautiful, and whose parents are wonders to behold.  Are they enduring hard eucharisteo?  YES!!!  They may not know this word that has become so precious to me, but they are living examples of it.  Camilla came through the first surgery well and now we pray for seizures to pinpoint the exact location to be removed in a week.  I find myself wondering how I ever took so much for granted.  Camilla is a gift from God to the world.  His glory is being revealed in her, through her and through her family.

Then, about two hours later in the grocery store I ran into Beth.  A friend I have not seen in awhile.  We shared and before we reallized it we had opened our hearts to each other in ways we never had before.  I shared with Beth who was dealing with her own hard eucharisteo about Ann’s book most beautiful.  Come next Monday, we will break bread and share our broken hearts and find healing through God’s grace.  Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle and for Camilla, Beth and I, we be needing some of that!

We are taking what is given as grace (a precious gift), choosing to give thanks for it, and expecting the miracle HE has in mind for us and the corner of the world we impact.  With tears of joy, I say Thank you Father for the gift of these in my life as your witnesses of your love, mercy, peace, grace, beauty, and compassion!

By: Yvonne

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