“Thanksgiving precedes the miracle” and thanks was given and a miracle of Biblical proportions is occurring as I write this.  Camilla, child of God, and a reminder that some Hard things are allowed for God’s glory to be shown to a watching world.  Hard eucharisteo–without a doubt, not only for family but for all who love this little girl and her family.  Camilla had her brain resectioned on Monday to alleviate seizures that are so severe that they slow learning, cause behavior problems, and deprive sleep.  Today, though eyes are swollen shut and she is scared, she is already better!!  Read about the journey of her family and see eucharisteo at its best at

Praise the Lord with us!  # 513-515  Camilla’s brain, my soul, 198 Romanian souls  —  gifts redeemed!

By: Yvonne

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