Broken girls in this World

As I laid in my closet this morning, where I go to spend time with God. I’m listening to this ” Break Every Chain ” by Jesus Culture. I being to think about the young girls in this world broken. I think about the young girl who just wanna hear someone say she loved, wanted, and beautiful. To the girl who thinks following in crowd that doesn’t belong in is the answer to problem loneness, but its not. 

Albert Einstein, says:

 “A woman who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, likely to find herself in places no one has ever been.”

We are more than what the world says we should be or look like. I continue to cry out to my Savior help to help young girls who are broken. Even as a young adult I found that little girl in me was still broken. Not really having a good father daughter relationship with my dad, not feeling worthy enough, and thinking I wasn’t beauiful. So many of us adult are still broken from our childhood and it wasn’t until I surrender to God completely and said God help and me. I didnt wanna to care around the baggage of my childhood. 

God said in him I we wonderfully made. We are loved and he knows us by our name. We have to instill in every young girls that God put into ours lives. What God says they are not what society wants them to be. If I (we) can change one girls life with the help of Father Jesus Christ, I have done something right. That little girl will help someone and so on.

If I can let a young girl know how God feels about her by giving her my heart for just 5 seconds that’s all… I would. The love I feel everyday from my Father on the good or not so good ones its amazing. I pray that when he does bring someone people into my life for encouragement that they feel him every way possible. Hear him not me. 

Jesus was there right by our side when took wrong paths and made mistakes. He was there. We didn’t choose God, he chose us. Can you rap your head around that. If that don’t warm your heart I don’t know what will. 🙂  



By: Demetrice R.

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