Blessings in Challenges

God has blessed me with quite a number of physical challenges which have helped me to find joy in places I would never imagine joy could be found – in a hospital, a doctor’s office. I have met others who I could tell needed to share and was able to listen and offer up a prayer, sometimes even give a hug! He has also used my disabilties to teach me to truly appreciate all the people and experiences in my life, to truly be thankful for the days I am able to “do” and on the days I am bedridden or unable to do, I have the gift of spendinmg the day in prayer and conversation with the Lord, or in His Word. It amazes me at times how much praying for others can help me. And all heart to heart time with God is so very precious. My blessings/gifts are endless!And I am thankful beyond words…

By: Sherrie Tate

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