Blessings abound…………Counting still……….

Job 39:19-24 recited by nine year old with heart and soul

Little hands signing Jesus Loves Me to congregation singing acapella.  Raising holy hands in the sanctuary.

He Delivers Me sung by two hurting hearts and bringing us to Holy Ground

Love shown and shared and a bond is forged before our very eyes

Young single mom getting it done with grace (she is my daughter!)

Meal shared with friends

Book by Brene’ Brown The Gifts of Imperfection reminding me my imperfections are also Gods Gifts to me, the unique me HE made.

New understanding of courage……….to live with my wholeheart and be the real me despite how vulnerable it makes me feel.

Reminder that all that God has for me is in front of me not behind me. I need not regret or grieve.  He uses failures to mold me on His potter’s wheel.

Hearing worship happened and wishing I had been there

Two sisters singing “Love Me for Me” and reminding us all that Jesus takes us right where we are…….PERIOD!

God always provides a blessing prior to times of testing to remind me of His uncomparable love and provision.  I know the test is coming, I know what it is, I know He will be faithful.  I need not dread it.

A sunrise glorious to watch as I drove to work………I never have my camera with me when I need it!  So I burned it into my memory.  Fire ball of orange, clouds of pink and grey, rays of pure white light streaming heavenward.  Changing quickly as turned by an unseen hand.

This counting of gifts, a praise to Him who gives so abundantly and freely and without expectation of any reward.  Only to bless and draw me closer to Him.

By: Yvonne

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