I just finished the book “one thousand gifts” and enjoyed it immensely! As a mother of 12 children and blessed with 39 grandchildren I have often mentioned that I could write volumes about all the blessings I (we) have been given.  Married for 47 years, we have experienced many joys and sorrows, challenges etc… and of course to remain thankful and faithful in the sorrows is always the test.  Being a Catholic and blessed with the gift of the Eucharist daily gives me the nourishment and strength to remember that He is always GOOD – ALL THE TIME!!!!!!  God bless you Ann (we have a daughter named Anne Marie) and thank you for your beautiful testimony to your love of God and your daily journey back to our heavenly home.  Living fully in the moment with thanksgiving is my challenge but their is where I find joy.  Love and Prayers to my companions on the journey.

By: Sharon Boyden

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